I’ve been gone for a while! Can’t believe how long it’s been, but I’m back now!!

Happy Mother’s Day!! I hope you are all enjoying this day withe the mother’s in your lives!

To celebrate, I decided to make a very delicious pastry that can be very delicate yet complex, just like people.

The crispy choux, the creamy custard-y Bavarian cream, and the silky smooth chocolate ganache make this pastry one of my faves of all time!

For the Choux:
– 1 cup flour
– 1 cup water
– 1/2 cup salted butter
– 1/4 tsp sugar
– 4 large eggs


Sift the flour into a bowl.

Bring butter, sugar, and water to a boil.

As soon as it begins boiling, pour the sifted flour and mix.

Remove from the heat.

Once flour is mixed into a dough, place back on the stove on medium heat.

When a thin film forms on the bottom of the pan, start a 3 minute timer.

Mix the dough constantly so it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.

Once the 3 minutes is up, turn dough into a large bowl.

Let cool for ~2-3 minutes.

Mix in eggs one at a time. Start with just 3.

Then mix in just the white of the 4th egg and mix until incorporated.

Test the dough to ensure the proper consistency. Dip in your finger straight in to the dough and pull up. The tip should droop down slightly. If it flops, the dough is too soft and you need to start over. [I learned this the hard way, I tried twice before getting the right consistency. I hated myself for wasting all those ingredients, but you can’t save a choux paste that’s too runny. 😦 ].

Transfer the mix into your pastry bag.

Pipe in a very tight and high pattern. You don’t want the choux to bake as a flat biscuit!

Piped Choux

Spritz with water to help trap steam so it rises.

Bake at 425 degrees for 10 minutes.

Reduce the temperature to 375 and back for 10 more minutes until brown.

Take a sharp knife and cut slits in the back of the dough and leave it upside down on the pan or silpat.

Turn off the oven.

Crack the oven open to release the heat for 10 minutes then let the dough dry out for at least 2 hours in the unheated oven.

Once dry, fill with Bavarian Cream (recipe to follow in a different blog post).

To cover with chocolate Ganache, heat up heavy cream, once it starts to boil, pour in the chocolate and mix until incroporated.

Let it cool, then dip the tops of each filled choux.


Bon Apetit!!



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